Warranty T&C

Warranty Instruction

We kindly request that all Esteemed Customers present their Digital Warranty Card or Physical Warranty Card to VGOTEL Customer Care when seeking repair or software upgrade services covered under the 1-Year Warranty. We encourage you to carefully review the Terms & Conditions of the 1-Year Warranty

Handset Box and Warranty Card

Throughout the 1-Year Warranty Duration, it is imperative to safeguard both the Handset Box and the Physical Warranty Card. We kindly request all customers to present the Digital Warranty Card or Physical Warranty Card to VGOTEL Customer Care when making a Warranty Claim. VGOTEL Customer Cares are authorized to document and update the warranty card with relevant information regarding the Device's status and Repair History.

Warranty Cover

The Warranty Coverage is limited to the Handset and does not extend to accessories such as Hands-Free, Batteries, Chargers, Memory Cards, Data Cables, or any other related Accessories.

Data Backup

Prior to submitting the Device for Warranty Service, it is the exclusive responsibility of the Customer to ensure the Backup of their Data.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the continued optimal performance of your Device and to avoid warranty invalidation due to physical or liquid damage, abuse, or misuse, we strongly recommend following our provided maintenance and care instructions.

Warranty Voidance Conditions

Kindly note that certain actions, such as Unauthorized Repairs, Tampering with the Device, or subjecting it to Water Damage, have the potential to invalidate the Warranty. It is advisable to acquaint yourself with these Terms & Conditions to prevent any possible complications.